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We are a company which is engaged in manufacturing of high quality gate equipment.

You can encounter with the production of our company across all Europe, but also in other parts of the world.
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Industrial door Indy

Doors resisting the most demanding service, professional and sophisticated.

There are many demands placed on industrial doors. Principally, the doors must work perfectly not to slow down the production cycle of the plant. The optimum  industrial doors function so well that you do not even notice them and you pass them automatically. This is just the comfort we can provide you with our industrial  door product range INDY.


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Garage door Guardy

Doors perfectly matching your house, fitting in and bringing comfort to your everyday life.

Thinking about garage doors, we require, apart from the long-term and high-quality service, the doors to be of the attractive appearance and to match our house. The garage door Guardy exactly meets the requirements. The garage door TOORS Guardy ideally supplements each individual house and perfectly fits in. In addition, the advanced design of the door structure ensures flawless service of the door.

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